Bringing Your Website to Life!

Ensuring that your website has the functionality and visual appearance that your online audience desire can prove to be a difficult challenge, but it’s one that our experienced designers love to tackle head on.

All of our bespoke web designs are fully responsive, mobile-friendly which means that your website will not only exceed your visitor’s expectations but surpass them, whilst they also meeting Google’s latest search algorithm requirements, perfect for achieving great organic rankings on Google via effective search engine optimisation.

The success of your website depends upon two fundamental requirements. The first of these is the website itself. It needs to be attractive and easy to use and to encourage visitors to it to become customers. The second is effective marketing that brings appropriate, well targeted visitors to the website. However, regardless of how effective this second element may be, the website itself is still the tool that must ultimately convert these visitors into business for you.

We are pleased to cater for clients across all industries in Derby, Burton, Swadlincote, Ashby, and all over the Midlands and UK.

Ensure that your bespoke website provides its visitors with a great first impression of your business!

Our Bespoke Web Designs Include

Facebook Ad Creation and Set Up
Fully Bespoke Design and Build
Responsive Design
Responsive Design
In-Built SEO
In-Built SEO

Our Approach to Website Design

All our website designs are built entirely from scratch. We never use pre-built templates because this leads to boggy coding that negatively impacts the overall performance of your website and reduces conversion rates. Instead, we discuss the vision you have for your new website and build it from the ground up, perfectly matching your design requirements and surpassing your expectations in every other way.

As a company that excels in organic SEO, we ensure that all our bespoke web designs are built with the very latest SEO techniques to help it achieve great visibility within the search engines. Not only this, but they also come complete with Google Analytics tracking and a submitted Google Sitemap for increased indexing speed.


Hair Tools Website Design
JimmyJohn Website Design
Red Box Tools Bespoke Website Design
One Ashford Bespoke Web Design
Belgrave Home and Floors
Belgrave Homes and Floors Website Design

Excelling in WordPress Website Design

We love building our sites with WordPress and so does the majority of website developers. In fact, according to research, a whopping 43.2% of all websites online in 2022 have been built with WordPress, meaning that two out of every five websites use this hugely popular platform.

Our design and development team have vast experience in bespoke WordPress web design and have been using the system since way back in 2009. We provide the most intelligent development solutions for the platform, all with the goal of drastically improving lead generation. We can easily address any problems and assist you in managing your own site, thanks to our vast experience with WordPress website design.

Additional Platforms We Use

Although we love WordPress when it comes to bespoke web design, we can also build website’s using other platforms too. This includes WooCommerce, Prestashop, Joomla, Magento, OpenCart, Zencart and OSCommerce. However, due to the sheer flexibility of WordPress website design, we encourage our clients to use this platform. For ecommerce, WooCommerce is quickly becoming our firm favourite.

Why Choose Us?

Jump 2 IT Media winning the 2020 Business of the Year Award

Since 2007, we’ve been combining strategic thought, creativity, and vast experience to build websites that produce the one outcome that matters to our customers; conversions.

With the help of our digital marketing services, we promise to deliver a genuine, measurable return on your investment, and this is delivered through trust, transparency and technical skill.

At Jump 2 IT Media, we don’t believe in false promises. This is why our services are available completely contract-free. That’s right. There are no forced long-term commitments, no hands being tied, and no unhappy customers. We do things right and we promise to always remain true to our digital marketing philosophy.

Based in Swadlincote, Derbyshire, we are perfectly placed to serve clients throughout the Midlands, including Derby, Burton, Ashby, Tamworth, and all nearby areas.


Where Do You Offer Your Services?

All of our SEO, bespoke web design, social media management, PPC management, and additional digital marketing services are offered to clients in Derby, Burton, Swadlincote and Ashby, through to the whole of the UK. We even have a number of clients based in the United States, Australia, and Singapore. In short, we have achieved some truly fantastic results all over the world!

How do I Pay for My Website Design and Build?

We ask for an initial deposit of 50% of the quoted work, with the remaining 50% paid upon completion.

Are Your Website Designs Really Bespoke?

All our website designs are fully bespoke as standard. This enables us to produce the most attractive design possible for your future site, whilst also cutting down on unnecessary code – perfect for achieving great rankings on Google alongside our organic SEO services.

What is a Responsive Website?

A responsive website adapts to any screen size ensuring that it looks as you intended across a wide range of devices, including mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers. More and more of us are now accessing websites via mobile devices than ever before, so having a website that looks and performs great on iPhones, Google phones and so on, is just as vital as on desktop and laptop computers.

We’re More Than Just a Bespoke Web Design Agency:

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