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As a leading digital marketing agency, we will maximise the reach and performance of your social media channels as part of an overall online advertising philosophy. This can be blended alongside our SEO services and PPC management services to produce a comprehensive and intricate campaign focused on delivering digital conversions across all social media platforms and other forms of digital marketing.

Through data-driven analysis, research and almost two decades of individual online promotion experience, we will implement a market focused plan to ensure that your social media marketing strategy produces results that exceed your expectations.

With more and more businesses more advertising on Facebook, Instagram and other leading social media platforms, it is essential that you stay ahead of the game!

Our Social Media Management Services Include

Daily Social Posting
Daily Social Posting
Image Creation
Image Creation
Boosted Posts
Boosted Posts
Facebook Pixel Code Installation
Pixel Code Installation
Competitor Research
Competitor Research
Reporting and Analysis
Reporting and Analysis

The Ever-Evolving World of Social Media Management

Social media marketing has evolved rapidly over the past decade with around 73% of all businesses now having a presence on at least one of the leading platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

When utilised correctly, the right social media management campaign will assist you in driving sales, expanding audiences, and gaining valuable insight into your target audience. As of October 2021, 4.55 billion people were active on social media, with 79% of business present running paid advertising campaigns.

In short, if you are thinking about ignoring the benefits of social media then think again because your online competitors will not make the same mistake.


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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Management

Although acquiring a high number of likes and comments looks great, this is not the number one objective of our social media management service. Instead, our key goal is providing a high ROI, and this means that we will focus on acquiring a great click-through rate to your website, where visitors are then far more likely to purchase products, request a quote or complete a contact submission form.

Depending on your aims for the campaign – which we will discuss in-depth with you – driving increased engagements offers little value from a ROI perspective. Therefore, we place our attention firmly on what matters most to your business and this, more often than not, is conversions.

Reach a Wider Audience Through Social Media Ads

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok all allow businesses to create and manage their accounts free of charge. However, by running targeted social media PPC campaigns, you can ensure that you reach an even wider audience for a very reasonable cost.

Do not think that simply posting updates onto your account is enough because it is only just scratching the surface. In fact, a HubSpot blog poll in 2021 showed that a huge 79% of all businesses run paid advertising campaigns on Facebook, whilst a further 50% stated that they plan to increase their investments in 2022.

With full flexibility on the age, gender and location of your target audience, as well as their key interests and more, running regularly PPC campaigns on social media is a must if you are looking to tap into new audiences, increase conversions, and raise your ROI to new levels.


We are a social media marketing agency that strives for perfection for all our clients, and this is achieved through multiple levels, which are as follows:

Learn Objectives

Before the hard work begins, we will discuss the objectives of the campaign to help us understand your aims and wishes over the coming months and years.


We will evaluate and analyse your existing social media channels to determine the areas that require improvement to help us achieve your objectives.

Get to Know Your Audience

The success of all social media campaigns comes down to one thing; meeting the needs and wants of your target audience. As a result, we carry out detailed research and analysis to ensure that your posts and social media PPC campaigns hit the target every time.

Competitor Analysis

Who are your competitors, what social media platforms do they utilise, and how effective are they at hitting their target audience? These are just some of the areas that we will be looking into to ensure that your brand achieves maximum exposure and maximum results.

Selecting the Right Platforms

There are many social channels available, but not all of them will be right for achieving your objectives. Based on your aims, we will carefully select the most appropriate channels to deliver the exposure and ROI that you desire.

Post Creation

The most important part of the process. Choosing the right tone, imagery and media content (such as videos) will determine how successful your campaign becomes. This is why we will create a handful of example posts and images for you to approve before we officially begin our social media management service. Getting these vital elements in place will go a long way to producing a campaign with a great ROI.


We will provide you the choose of receiving monthly or quarterly progress reports that provide you with a fully transparent insight into how your social media campaign is performing and whether it is hitting the initial objectives set out for us. This reporting will include the volume of social media traffic that your website has gained through the various platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, the number of conversions achieved as a result, the overall engagements recorded across all channels, and additional insights into how we can drive even greater results your way over the coming months.


Where Do You Offer Your Services?

All of our SEO, website design, social media management, PPC management, and additional digital marketing services are offered to clients locally to our offices – Derby, Burton, Swadlincote and Ashby – through to the whole of the UK. We even have a number of clients based in the United States, Australia, and Singapore, where we…

What Social Media Accounts do you Manage?

We can manage social media accounts on any platform that you want to increase your presence on, although our personal favourites are Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

When Can you Start Managing my Social Media Accounts?

Assuming we have access to everything we need, we can get up and running within 24 hours. Before we start work though, we will sit down with you to discuss your goals and objectives, along with the type of posts that you would like us to send out on your behalf.

Do I Have to Sign a Contract?

Absolutely not. All of our digital marketing services are entirely contract free.

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