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Everybody knows what Facebook is, but did you know that the social media giant has over 2.9 billion active monthly users? It is a staggering number that means that Facebook is the world’s most ‘active’ social media platforms, and this is exactly why you should be advertising on it as much as possible.

Alongside Google Ads, Facebook provides its customers with a huge opportunity to reach a vastly superior audience than it would through usual methods. To top this, Facebook ads also provides you with the opportunity to target specific audiences. Want to reach out to individuals who have previously bought from your website? Done. Want to focus on online users who live near your location and are interested in specific subjects? Simple. Fancy reaching out to people who have bought from similar websites to yours? Yes please!

Our Facebook ads management service is purposely geared towards increasing your ROAS (return on Ad spend), raising your conversions, and reducing your CPC (cost per conversion). It is a skill that we have perfected over the years, so don’t take the risk by managing your own ad campaigns, as this largely leads to budget wastage and missed opportunities. Instead, let us do the hard work while you put your feet up and reap the rewards.



Our Facebook Ads Management Service Includes

Facebook Ad Creation and Set Up
Ad Creation and Set Up
Market Research
Market and Competitor Research
Reporting and Analysis
Reporting and Analysis
Daily Campaign Management
Daily Campaign Management
Budget Maximisation
Budget Maximisation
Facebook Pixel Code Installation
Pixel Code Installation

Conversion Driven Facebook Ads Management

We know that Facebook has around 3 billion active monthly users. But, the company also owns Instagram, which itself has an estimated 1.13 billion users.

This means that advertising across both of these hugely popular social media platforms provides you with a golden opportunity to hit your chosen audience with focused, targeted and aesthetically attractive ads. It is essentially a gold mine of conversions waiting to be discovered. So, with our help, you will be reaching a level of online visibility that you only dreamt about!

Our social media marketing campaigns are crafted using the highly sophisticated targeting tools available within Facebook. We create audiences based on people’s interests and behaviours that, if you have run previous campaigns, we know match your prior customers’ likes and behaviours.  We then target your chosen audience across a range of focused campaigns. These target your previous website customers and individuals who have never visited your webpages before.

This enables you to retarget higher value social media clicks and hit new, would-be customers. Thus making our Facebook Ads management an essential part of your digital marketing strategy.

Did You Know;

Our Facebook Ads Management clients record an average conversions increase of 172%!

Learn how we can help you today!  


Complete Aquatics - SEO Services at Jump 2 IT Media





Learn how Jump 2 IT Media improved the performance of Complete Aquatics’ Facebook Ads campaign.





Find out how the One Healthcare website recorded a substantial rise in social media visits and conversions.

Alert Electrical





Discover how we improved Alert Electrical’s Facebook Ad campaign to drive increased sales and revenue to their website.

Why Trust Our Services?

We are a forward-thinking team of experienced, creative and driven digital marketing experts with a strong desire for success. Our pure focus is placed on helping clients to achieve their online potential and raising their visibility, awareness and success through our tailored, creative and highly detailed range of digital marketing services.

We have been running Facebook Ads since way back in 2011. Standard ads and boosted posts are successfully utilised by our clients across a wide range of sectors and industries. This includes healthcare, electrical wholesale, trade tools, construction, education, and more.

Our passion for success has helped our team to achieve results that we are truly proud of. And our desire for further success is stronger than ever before.

In 2020, Jump 2 IT Media was named the South Derbyshire Business of the Year, strengthening our position as a leading social media management agency.

Jump 2 IT Media - South Derbyshire Business of the Year Winners 2020


Jump 2 IT Media’s Facebook Ads management service is tailored around your individual business plan. We identify the best audience for your ads to target before creating eye-catching imagery to accompany our expertly crafted text. The result is an effective, vibrant and intricate Facebook ads campaign that is designed to ensure a high conversion rate and a reduced cost per conversion.

We believe in providing full transparency across our digital marketing services, which is why you will be provided with comprehensive monthly Facebook ad campaign reports that detail your visitor levels, the number of conversion recorded, the volume of online revenue generated through the campaign, and the main opportunities available to achieve further growth going forward.


What if I Don't Have a Facebook Business Page?

If you have not yet created a Facebook business page, don’t worry. We can create the page for you as part of our set-up process and provide you with full access so that you can keep track of your daily social media performance and even post your own updates whenever you wish.

How Do You Track Conversions?

To accurately track conversions gained via your Facebook ads and Instagram ads, we install Facebook’s Pixel code onto your website. This code is triggered whenever a user clicks on your ad and, pending a successful conversion being achieved, this data is fired back into our Ads Manager account. The data can also be seen within your Google Analytics account, although there is often slight differences in the figures across both platforms due to how the data is recorded.

How Long Does it Take to Step the Ads Up ?

We can usually create and launch the social media Ad campaigns within the same day of receiving your approval to proceed with the work.

Do I Have to Sign a Contract?

Absolutely not. All of our digital marketing services are entirely contract free, giving you full control of your campaign. We believe that clients should have the choice to change their digital marketing agency should they wish without being forced into long-term contracts and, subsequently, having their hands tied even when results are not being achieved.

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