ChatGPT is one of the most divisive technologies to ever impact the SEO industry. Though this innovative conversational AI is very different from conventional chatbots.

It marks a huge evolution in how we approach optimisation, with knowledge and adapability fueled by technology.

While ChatGPT changed the way we think about SEO, its real power is found in assisting how high-quality content is created and SEO strategies are implemented.

Two of the largest areas most influenced by ChatGPT is keyword research and content creation.

Keyword Research and Content Creation

ChatGPT can help you brainstorm relevant keywords and key phrases that are commonly used by people searching for content related to your website. These keywords can then be incorporated into your content, titles, headings, and meta descriptions to improve your website’s search engine ranking.

One great way of learning new keywords to target within your SEO campaign is achieved by asking questions. Let’s use “SEO” as an example.

As shown below, asking a question such as ‘What are the 5 most popular questions about SEO?” provides us with insightful data that we can use within our own SEO campaign:

How ChatGPT can improve SEO performance

We can now use this data to break down our keyword research even further. For example, we can ask more specific questions, such as ‘How does SEO work?’ to receive a more detailed response to this popular question. This provides us with all the information needed to write an insightful article that tackles the topic.

If you are looking to create content for individual keywords rather than question, ChatGPT can help here, too, as per the below example.

Of course, we would always recommend that the keyword focused content that you create isn’t simply taken directly from ChatGPT. Instead, use this as a template to help you create your own, unique content. This allows you to produce content that integrates the data from ChatGPT with your own knowledge and experience.

Have you started using ChatGPT yet for your SEO campaign? If so, let us know if you think it’s introduction is a good thing for the search engine optimisation industry or whether it’s negatively impacting the industry.

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