The Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) industry is constantly evolving, and change sometimes leads to humorous anecdotes. Here are a few funny SEO stories from recent times.

Traffic Infestation:

A pest control firm employed an SEO expert to enhance their website. After a few weeks, the client called, thrilled with the exponential growth in website traffic. The success, however, was short-lived as they understood that the majority of the new customers were looking for the newest pop band called “The Roaches,” not pest control services!

On the Rise:

A bakery blog wrote a piece about “how to get the best dough rise.” Without intending to, they suddenly began to rank strongly on the first page of Google for “rise in the stock market.” They were as baffled by the influx of financial analysts as the analysts were by the yeast and baking tips!

Conan.. is that you?

A barbershop owner wanted to claim his business on Google My Business. Instead of listing it as a “Barbershop,” he mistakenly listed it as a “Barbarshop.” For a while, his shop showed up for anyone in the area searching for barbarians!


An intern was employed by a furniture store to assist with SEO. The manager saw that the intern had taken “adding keywords” a little too literally when he checked the website. Each product description now included: “This couch is a great place to sit. Keywords: couch, sit, sofa, furniture, comfy.”

A VERY Different Meaning

A U.S.-based company expanded its operations to the U.K. They tried to optimise for the term “fanny pack.” However, they didn’t realize that here in the U.K., “fanny” has a very different and somewhat inappropriate meaning. It led to some blushing and quick corrections!

That concludes are funny SEO stories for this article. Just remember, be careful what keywords you are targeting within your campaign because, if not, you may suffer similar consequences!

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