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Food Bank Donation

Food Donation

As you may remember, last Christmas the Jump 2 IT Media team made two donations to Derbyshire Blood Bikes and Bank House to celebrate our 10th year anniversary. This year however, we have been quietly building up an impressive amount of food and hygiene products to give to the Food Bank in Swadlincote.   We…

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Win a FREE SEO Analysis Report

Free SEO Analysis Report

Jump 2 IT Media are giving you the chance to win a FREE SEO report for your business website, which will offer you insights into how you can improve your organic performance on Google, drive more visitors into your pages and, most importantly, gain a higher volume of enquiries, sales and general interest in your…

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How to Retain Your Organic Positions When Launching a New Website

How to maintain organic results with a new website

One of the most common questions that we are asked is how a client can retain their organic rankings on Google when launching a new website, as it is surprisingly easy to undo all of your previous hard work, especially if you make a number of basic errors.   Jump 2 IT Media has been…

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Google’s August Core Search Algorithm Update is Complete

Google Speed Update

Google’s Danny Sullivan has confirmed that their latest core search algorithm update, which began to roll out on August 1st, has now been completed, and it has already led to us noticing a number of organic fluctuations taking place.   Despite this, Google ha advised that webmasters do not need to make any major technical…

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Link Building: Do’s and Don’ts

Link Building Do's and Don'ts

Ah link building. Over the years this area of SEO has never been completely black and white, instead sitting firmly in a grey area for many agencies who have often debated on the best link building practices, alongside those that can hurt your organic rankings.   Now though, although still often debated, link building is…

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Switch to HTTPS to Avoid Being “Insecure”


As of today, Google Chrome will begin warning users who visit unencrypted sites that they are heading into an insecure location, which, if your website still uses HTTP rather than HTTPS, is likely to scare visitors away from your pages and into your competitors instead.   In short, HTTP sites will become classed as being…

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Google Hit with Record Android Fine from EU

Google Hit With Record Android Fine

Google has been hit with a record fine of €4.34bn (around £3.9bn) by The European Commission, who found the search engine giant guilty of using the mobile operating system to illegally “cement its dominant position” in search.   However, Alphabet – the firm’s parent company – has since announced that it plans to appeal the fine.  …

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Google Adwords to Become Google Ads

Google Adwords to Become Google Ads

Google has announced that it will be rebranding its AdWords brand in order to streamline entry points for both advertisers and ad sellers, with Google Adwords simply becoming Google Ads.   The search engine giant has stated that it’s popular pay-per-click service is not changing, although the default interface for Google Ads will become more…

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Microsoft Becomes More Valuable Than Google

Microsoft named more valuable than Google

For the first time since 2015, Microsoft has become more valuable than Google and its parent company, Alphabet.   That’s right. Microsoft has been announced as the third most valuable company in the world, receiving a valuation of £566 billion, which makes them slightly more valuable than Alphabet’s £556 billion valuation, and highlights the role…

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Are You Ready For GDPR?

There is no escaping GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), with it being constantly in the news for a while now, but the question that many clients are still asking is what does it actually mean, how does it affect them, and how their website needs to change in order to meet the requirements before the…

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