The Challenge:

We were contacted by Complete Aquatics in April 2014 in order to take over their SEO campaign, which had started to under-perform. This led to the website receiving fewer visitors, thus resulting in fewer online transactions being completed, something that, for obvious reasons, needed addressing with immediate effect.

Further to this, the company wanted Jump 2 IT Media to take over their Google Shopping campaign, as this wasn’t providing value for money. Visitors were being gained but very few were going on to purchase anything from Complete Aquatics’s online store, therefore their Google Shopping spend was being wasted.

We have since been tasked to improve their Facebook Ads campaign, as the ROAS (return on ad spend) has dramatically reduced towards the end of 2021.

The Solution:

Our initial SEO report highlighted that there were many basic SEO elements missing on the Complete Aquatics website, which was extremely surprising, especially when considering that the company had used a number of SEO agencies in the past.

A number of issues were that site pages contained multiple H1 tags – with the Homepage containing 10 H1 tags – some of which targeted terms such as ‘Magenta Ecommerce’ and ‘TrustPilot’ – poor keyword density levels within page content, no Homepage text, poor internal linking and much more. These SEO issues needed to be addressed with immediate effect so, once we’d received approval from the company, we started to carry out the require optimisation improvements. This led to each page containing just one H1 tag, which was now fully keyword focused, with the Homepage now targeting ‘Marine Aquariums’, whilst all pages within the site now met Google’s latest search algorithm requirements as effectively as possible.

As this work was being completed, our PPC management team addressed the various issues that were holding back the Google Shopping campaign, whilst we carried out a number of important improvements to the company’s Facebook Ads campaign to address the issues that saw the return of investment decline.

The Result

In the space of two years the number of users entering the Complete Aquatics website has increased by a huge 170%, with unique visits up by 134%. Further to this, the average visitor duration has also risen by 13%, with users now spending an average of 3 minutes 09 seconds viewing the site.

Even more impressively, Google Analytics is showing that organic visits has increased by 212% during the last two years – thanks to improved rankings for terms such as ‘Juwel Aquariums‘ – leading to a transaction increase of 252% and a revenue rise of 180%. This has been achieved thanks to the website now featuring within the first 5 organic rankings for a wide range of targeted terms, especially for manufacturers related terms.

The organic progress that has been achieved during the last two years has resulted in the Complete Aquatics website constantly breaking its visitor and online transaction records, which clearly highlights how far the website has come since 2014.

In regards to Google Shopping; our PPC management has led to vast eCommerce improvements, with online transactions rising by 253% and revenue increasing by 235%. The campaign is now performing far and above the expectations that Complete Aquatics originally had, and, as performance keeps on improving, there is no sign of progress slowing down any time soon.

Although we’ve only been managing the company’s Facebook Ad campaigns for a short period of time, we have already helped to increase their return on ad spend from £10.62 to £15.92, whilst their cost per purchase has reduced from £8.33 to £6.87, meaning that the campaign is now performing better than ever before with a greater return on ad spend and conversion cost.

Client Comments…

“We have been using Jump 2 It Media now for coming up to two years for both our SEO and also for our Google Adwords campaigns and they have been excellent since the day we teamed up with them, going above and beyond what we expect, even at times providing out of hours responses when needed. We have seen our Click through rates massively improve on our Google shopping with much improved Cost Per Conversion. The SEO results are really improving and we can see a strong increase in organic rankings on google.

Jump 2 IT media have helped us produce a fast growing and busy ecommerce store and we are excited with our future working along side an excellent company.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Jump 2 IT Media to any interested party. We have tried several companies offering similar services in the past and so far can say honestly say they are the best.”

Chris Hibbert – Director – Complete Aquatics

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