Will Facebook's Workplace Catch On At Your Workplace?

Will Facebook’s Workplace Catch On At Your Workplace?

Facebook WorkplaceEarlier this month, Facebook launched it’s Workplace social media network which, in theory, allows users to access Facebook whilst at work.


The creation of Workplace is likely to have been the result of Facebook bosses becoming increasingly frustrated at the number of businesses around the world that were blocking their employees from using Facebook whilst working. This is, in most cases, understandable, but now Facebook have come up with a way around this issue….. it’s time to be formerly introduced to Workplace.



Taking over two years to complete, with a working name of ‘Facebook at Work’ (Genuis), Workplace was officially unveiled in early October 2016, with Facebook stating that their goal was to provide enough flexibility that Workplace would be an attractive option across a large variety of businesses.


Businesses can sign-up to the communication platform – after an initial trial period – with Facebook charging $3 per employee per month for companies that have up to 1,000 employees, $2 for businesses that employee up to 10,000 users, and $1 for every employee over 10k users.


However, as Workplace’s biggest direct online competitor being Slack – who offers a free version of their service, as well as a complete version for $6.67 per monthly users or $12.50 for a deluxe package – it is hard to know exactly how successfully Workplace will perform, although clearly Facebook has big plans for its new communication network so it is likely to push it big time over the coming months and years to ensure that it becomes the success that they desire.


It appears to have got off to a fairly decent start though, as companies such as Booking.com, Renault, Oxfam, Save the Children, and many more, have already signed up to Workplace, and you would expect many more to follow suit between now and the end of the 2016.


In addition, Facebook has already announced that nonprofit companies, such as Oxfam and Save the Children, as well as educational institutions, will be able to use the service completely free of charge.


Do you think that Workplace will catch on in your place of work, or will sites such as LinkedIn – which, let’s not forget is work focused – continue to rule the roost?


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