Why Your Business Should Be On FacebookLet’s start off by saying this; Facebook isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. There, we said it!

We often come across business owners who personally don’t have an account or regularly use Facebook within their personal lives, and therefore don’t see the importance of using it for their business. However, this is a huge mistake and within this blog post we will explain the benefits of having a regularly maintained business Facebook page.


Facebook is currently used by 1.4 billion people worldwide, creating real time access to a simply phenomenal audience. This alone should highlight the potential access to new customers that Facebook can provide.

Low Cost:

Setting up a business Facebook page is free! It’s a quick and easy way to open the virtual doors of your business to a limitless audience and it won’t cost you a penny. There are, of course, areas such as Facebook’s boosted post that you do need to pay for, but the costs involved are much lower than other forms of marketing and provide a great ROI on marketing budgets, if implemented correctly.

Target Audience:

One of the key draws to using Facebook’s boosted posts is the fact that it allows you to select your target audience. Only want to target people within a 20 mile radius of your business? Or a certain age range? Or even only target people with specific interests? Not a problem. There are no other types of online marketing platforms that enable businesses to provide this level of targeted marketing.


As well as having great functionality with regards to targeted marketing, Facebook can also provide you with a wealth of information as to the success of your Facebook page and specific posts. You can track which posts performed best, how many users each post reached, how people interacted with them, and if they clicked on a link that ultimately led them to visit your website. This type of information, if used correctly, can help you understand your audience even better, allowing opportunity to create even more successful posts.

SEO Boost:

Although your social media activity doesn’t have a direct impact on your organic performance on Google, it will indirectly inform the search engine giant, via Google Analytics – if you use it on your website – that your social media pages are highly successful and drive a high volume of quality referral traffic into your web pages. This, in turn, will highlight to Google that your company has a strong presence on the various social media networks, therefore it is likely to provide you with a few extra brownie points in terms of your SEO rankings, which is great news for your website!

So there you have it. If you are a business owner, put your personal views about Facebook aside and take note of the many unique benefits that a business Facebook page can provide. A regularly, well maintained business page on Facebook that incorporates  interesting, engaging and informative content can, and will, have a positive impact on your overall business performance online.

Luckily, if you do hate using Facebook yourself – we can help!!  Our social media management service will create content, images, posts and handle interactions for you, meaning that you simply have to sit back and enjoy the benefits.

About the Author:

Lisa Edwards has many years experience working in the social media industry, where she has helped to increase the online visibility of many companies both locally and nationally, which have resulted in a higher volume of product sales and service enquiries to be recorded.

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