It is well known that domain authority plays an important role in SEO and organic rankings on Google. So, we have taken a closer look at the top ranked websites on Moz based on their domain authority score, and the results will not surprise you.

The Top 10 Highest Authority Domains on Moz:

1. – 100/100

2. – 100/100

3. – 100/100

4. – 99/100

5. – 99/100

6. – 99/100

7. – 99/100

8. – 99/100

9. – 98/100

10. – 98/100

Top 10 Domain Authority Rankings on Moz

You might have expected the majority of the top 10 most authoritative domains, but here are a few lower authority domain scores that may surprise you:

1. – 79/100

2. – 75/100

3. – 69/100

4. – 67/100

5. – 64/100

Although the above domains still have a strong authority score, you would have been forgiven for expecting them to be ranked higher by Moz. This shows how difficult it is to achieve the highest possible authority score, something that only a small handful of websites currently achieve.

We recommend that, rather than trying to aim for the highest possible score, you simply look to outscore your online competitors. After all, if you are a Private Physiotherapist in Birmingham, for example, there is no point trying to outscore Instead, focus your attention on achieving a higher domain authority score than other Private Physiotherapist’s working within the Birmingham area.

This will enable you to record successful organic results on Google for your targeted keyword searches, which is the backbone to all great SEO campaigns.

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