Many of us use Twitter to help increase our social media awareness levels, but are we actually achieving this goal? This article delves into the benefits of hashtags, and if we’re actually using them correctly.

We see many tweets go by that have received no engagements, despite the fact that they might be providing links into quality content or, in some cases, offering helpful tips and advice. However, the truth is, if we don’t use the most appropriate hashtags then a huge number of your tweets will, unfortunately, go unnoticed.

Of course, we can’t just use any old hashtags though. It is important that you understand how hashtags are being used and which are the most closely aligned with your products and services. To do this, we strongly recommend using tools such as Hashtagify to highlight the most appreciate hashtags to use in relation to the tweets you are posting.

So, if you are in the SEO business, like Jump 2 IT Media are, then the most appropriate hashtags to use in your tweets would include SEO, WebDesign, SocialMedia, SMM, Google, SEM, as well as the others shown in the image below:


However, if you are in the paving business then you’d be best to use the following hashtags in your tweets:


Be careful though; research has shown that tweets with more than two hashtags can actually result in a drop in engagement levels. So, although you might be thinking that you’re enabling your posts to reach a wider audience, those extra hashtags will lead to a drop in re-tweets, favourites and comments, so make sure that you don’t overdo it.

In fact, it has been proven that tweets that contain hashtags receive twice more engagements than those without. In addition, tweets that use just 1-2 hashtags have a 21% higher engagement rate when compared to those than contain 3 or more hashtags. In fact, tweets that contain 3+ hashtags actually suffer a 17% drop in engagements.

So, in short, try using just 1-2 hashtags on your tweets in future and see whether this helps to improve your engagements levels. After all, the facts suggest that this is the best way forward.

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