The Ever Changing Face of Google Adwords

The Ever Changing Face of Google Adwords

Launched in 2000, Google Adwords has evolved greatly during the past sixteen years as the search giant has developed new ways to generate increased levels of usage. This is something that you would expect, especially as Adwords brings in such a vast amount of revenue into the Google – in 2015 it is reported that Ad revenue amounted to almost $67.39 billion US dollars – so ensuring that the service continues to be such a huge money maker is essential.


Here we take a look at how the visual representation of Google’s Ads has developed over time:


Early Days:

Initially, it was easy for users to differentiate between the sponsored links and organic results, due to the paid listings containing a different colour background, whilst also clearly stating ‘Sponsored Links’ above the results. However, the overall layout of the page was cluttered and, looking back, far too over-complicated:




Present day, Google’s sponsored listings are now far more visually pleasing, although less obvious to users that they are paid for ads. This is, more than likely, an obvious attempt by Google to result in more users clicking on the paid listings, leading to them generating a higher level of income through their Adwords service.


On the plus side, gone are the right hand column adverts, which frees up space for additional information on specific companies, when required. This change has brought a much cleaner and crisper look to Google’s search pages, making it easier for users to find what they are looking for without being bombarded with results coming at them right, left and centre.




As you can clearly see, Adwords has gone through a huge transformation over the years, and it’s appearance is constantly evolving to maximise its earning potential for Google. This ever-changing face appears to be working, especially if you analyse the revenue that has been generated by Adwords since it’s incarnation in 2000.


The graph below shows the advertising revenue generated through Google between 2001-2015, according to




The question is whether Google can maintain this constant increase in Adwords earnings over the coming years? Well, we certainly wouldn’t bet against them!

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