Learn How an Effective SEO Campaign Can Help Your Website

The benefits of SEO are vast, especially if the optimisation work on your website has been carried out to the highest levels possible, but there are still some business owners and/or webmasters that are still skeptical of this form of online marketing, especially if they have tried it without success in the past. But this article is here to highlight everything that’s good with SEO and, most importantly, the benefits that it can bring your way if you are willing to have a little patience.

I say patience because SEO is not an overnight fix. We’ve received many questions from potential clients in the past but the most common is definitely “How long will it take” and, unfortunately, it’s really not something that we can provide an answer to. This is because the success of SEO will grow over time, and the longer you give it, the more rewards you will receive. Imagine planting a seed in your garden. Now, you wouldn’t expect to wake up the next day and see a flower in full bloom would you? Of course not. The flower needs water, sunlight, lots of care and, most importantly, time. This is the best analogy that I have in regards to SEO because an effective campaign needs nurturing and this takes time and patience. If you are willing to accept this then you will truly see the benefits, which are mentioned below.

What Are The Benefits of SEO? 

Increased Visitor Potential – The more keyword searches that your website can appear for on Google, the more visitors it will receive. Of course, the aim is to appear within the top 3 positions within the organic search results as this will result in a higher percentage of users accessing your site. Achieve positive rankings for a high volume of searches and the visitors will come flooding into your pages, as long as you give the SEO campaign time to fully kick-in, of course.

More Enquiries/Sales – A direct knock-on effect from receiving more visitors, your website should see an increase in the volume of enquiries and sales generated, especially if your SEO campaign is acquiring high quality, relevant users via the search results.

Greater Online Authority – Due to an increased level of customers, your website should naturally achieve an improved online authority score, making it even more importance in the eyes of Google and the other search engines. The more visitors you receive, the more people know about your company and, subsequently, the more additional links you will begin to acquire on other websites, especially on forums and other similar discussion sites, which will help to raise your online authority.

Low Cost Results – When compared to other forms of online marketing, such as Google Adwords, SEO provides a far better return for your investment. Whereas with Adwords you are paying for every click you receive, organic clicks are the gift that keep on giving, as they are essentially free. Yes, you might be paying a monthly fee to retain these positions over the years ahead, but this will be far lower than you would be spending to run an effective and high-performing Adwords campaign.

Better Return on Investment – That’s right. It has been proven that users are more likely to buy or enquire when they have accessed a website via organic search when compared to paid for ads. In fact, for some industries, you might even receive twice as many enquiries and sales via organic search than Adwords, and this is largely down to trust, as online users know that the companies haven’t had to pay to feature prominently within the organic listings, whereas with Adwords they have essentially bought the position.

Another reason for the higher conversion rate is that the users have searched for a term that relates to a product and/or service, so if your site features strongly within the organic results there is a far higher chance that you will receive the conversion. However, in regards to Google Ads, anyone can appear for any term if they are willing to pay for it, so this has an impact on the conversion rate achieved for paid listings.

Keep Up With Your Competitors – SEO is becoming increasing common place, so there is a strong chance that your competitors are already running an SEO campaign, whether you are aware of it or not. So, it makes sense that you would want to follow suit because, if not, they will be gaining business that you are missing out on. On the flip-side, if you can get in there first and be one of the first in your industry to start an SEO campaign then there is a strong chance that you will be the one reaping the rewards.

The Higher Your Position, The More Visits You’ll Receive – If you are found relatively well within Google’s organic rankings then you may feel that you don’t require a specific SEO campaign. However, research has proven that around 60% of all clicks go to the site that features in the first organic position on Google, which means that the remaining 40% of clicks are split between the 2nd ranked site and in all reality, the 10th ranked site. So, the higher you are, the more visitors you will receive.

When you consider the costs of SEO, it is a small price to pay to receive such a high volume of your target audience.

The Results are Permanent(ish) – As far as Google Adwords is concerned, once you decide to stop paying you will lose all visibility on the search engines, assuming that your site isn’t already found well organically. However, organic success is far more permanent as long as you continue to keep on top of the SEO on your website, of course. If you decided to cancel your SEO campaign with your digital marketing agency then, at some point, you are likely to suffer a positional drop off too. The key is to continue the campaign even after you have achieved Google’s summit, especially because all of your competitors are now chasing you!

If you now realise the true benefits of SEO and would like to proceed with a campaign of your own, please contact Jump 2 IT Media today on 01283 430 260 or, alternatively, let us know your requirements via our online enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a free, no-obligation quote.

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