Social Media Resolutions

Social Media Resolutions

Social Media Resolutions

Ok, so we are now heading into the second month of 2019 and, let’s be honest, it has flown by, but the question that we wanted to ask was how are you getting on with your online marketing resolutions? Now, we know that you made them, because we all did, but time always gets in the way of us looking after our social media accounts as much as we would like, so if you are struggling to find inspiration as to why you should be keeping your social media pages as up-to-date as possible then read on.


One of the most used social media platforms is, of course, Facebook. Now, you may not realise it at the moment but Facebook provides your company with a great platform to reach out to your key target audience, whether it be nationwide, worldwide or within a specific area. In fact, Facebook received over 2.27 billion active users during the third quarter of 2018, whereas this figure stood at 1 billion in 2012. So, even if your business is extremely niche and specialised, there will still be a huge number of people that you should be attempting to reach out to on a daily basis. This can be achieved through standard posts, although these tend to reach a reduced audience due to Facebook’s algorithms being changed, or you could go down the boosted posts route, which works superbly well for a number of our clients.


If you add Instagram into the equation, which is also owned by Facebook, then this increases your social media audience to a possible 3.3+ billion, as Instagram has around 1 billion active users per quarter. Of course, Instagram might not be fully applicable to what you specialise in, but it provides many clients with a fantastic platform to showcase their services, products and achievements, especially if they make use of hashtags in an effective way.


Twitter and LinkedIn are also social media platforms that are worth having a presence on, whilst Google+ is set to close for good (will it actually be missed by UK users?) during April 2019, so these social media networks, if you also add in the likes of SnapChat and so on, is now enabling businesses with a greater online visibility than ever before, making it essential that your company’s pages are kept as up-to-date as possible.


Yes, we know that sometimes it can be a harder task than you would imagine, but it is vital that you find a way because social media is an unstoppable monster and, if you haven’t already, you need to sign up and enjoy the ride because it will open your business up to an entirely different world of people than you would ever find through SEO or Google Adwords.


So, just to recap, here’s a few stand out numbers to make you update your accounts more frequently:


  • Facebook Active Users: 2.2 billion
  • Instagram Active Users: 1 billion
  • LinkedIn Active Worldwide Users: 590 million
  • SnapChat Active Worldwide Users: 186 million
  • Twitter Active Users in the UK: 18.6 million


Now, that’s a whole lot of people and, somewhere within there, there is a great big audience who would like to learn more about your services, so go and get them!


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