Everybody in the SEO world knows that gaining links into your website plays a crucial role in determining where it ranks within Google’s organic positions. We also know that it is far more beneficial to gain industry-relevant, quality links into your site, too. However, some clients – and certain SEO companies – sometimes forget that increasing the number of backlinks into sub-level pages on your website is equally as important as gaining them into your Homepage.

LinkBuildingThe reason for gaining quality links into your sub-level pages is simple. It helps to increase their online authority, and pages that have a strong authority level will, undoubtedly, perform more effectively on Google.

The majority of companies want their site to appear strongly within the organic search results for a wide range of targeted terms, and most of these terms are being targeted within sub-level pages. A good example of this would be 99% of e-commerce websites. The majority of them sell a large spectrum of products, meaning that each product will feature within their own relevant category section. Now, if you want your website to appear on the first page of Google for this specific product then it is essential that you build up the authority of this relevant page, which can be achieved by gaining quality, industry-relevant links into it. Building up links into your Homepage is highly unlikely to result in your site appearing strongly for this specific product – unless,of course, you have also optimised your Homepage for this product – so this means that additional focus must be placed on boosting the authority of your sub-level page.

This needs to achieved for all important sub-level pages throughout your website. Remember, link building is all about quality over quantity, so make sure that you are gaining the right links into your pages, as this will enable your site/pages to reach the first page of Google sooner than you know it.

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