Retailers Need to Become Mobile Friendly

Retailers Need to Become Mobile Friendly

Mobile Website DesignIn recent years, mobile retailing has become increasingly popular with a higher number of individuals now purchasing products on mobile devices rather than heading into high street shops. However, despite the rising trend of mobile retailing, not all companies have adapted their sales strategy.


Recent reports have shown that high street spending in the UK has risen at its slowest rate since 2012, and having a strong presence on mobile search could be the determining factor whether certain retailers remain in business or disappear for good. In fact, nowadays the vast majority of people within the UK own a smart phone or tablet, which has opened up a new way for them to shop for their favourite products.


The problem is that retailers need to have a strong level of visibility within Google in order to gain the sales that they are now losing out on due to the reduced volume of high street sales, and the key to this is having a fully mobile friendly and optimised website.


These days Google offers a strong presence to websites that are mobile friendly, as the search engine wants to show the highest quality, relevant results to its users. So, in short, if your website fails to meet the mobile friendly standards then it is unlikely to perform effectively within Google’s organic search results on mobile devices.


Further to this, by the end of the year it is expected that around 70% of online purchases are going to be made on mobile devices, which highlights the rapid growth that is taking place in mobile retail. So, if your company is failing to focus on mobile search and optimisation then it is likely to be hugely missing out on valuable traffic and, most importantly, sales and enquiries, and this could be the difference between remaining in business or falling by the way side.


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