Jump 2 IT Media - Derbyshire Blood BikesAs reported on October 25th, Jump 2 IT Media wanted to celebrate our 10th anniversary by making a donation to two local charities to help to give something back to the community that we live and work in, and we are pleased to announce that our first donation was made this morning to Mark Vallis of Derbyshire Blood Bikes.

The Charity, which is run entirely by volunteers, transports blood, medicine and breast milk throughout Derbyshire, as well as other parts of the UK. This makes it an essential service, which not only helps to save lives but also reduces the heavy burden upon the NHS.

In addition, Derbyshire Blood Bikes hopes to cut down on the high number of taxi journeys that have previously been required to transport the blood donations around the country.

Mark said, “In 2015, the Royal Derby Hospital alone ordered 12,700 taxi journeys for a variety of distances and cost them £155,000. However, since then, and despite us being a fairly young charity, we’ve reduced that spend by about £60,000.”

That shows the huge impact that Derbyshire Blood Bikes is having, and is exactly why we wanted to make a £250.00 donation – which will go towards keeping this vital service on the road –  to this amazing charity.

To learn more about Derbyshire Blood Bikes, including how to make your own donation, please follow their Facebook page.

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