Happy New Website!

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Happy New Website!

The beginning of a new year always leads to people thinking about what they can improve both personally and professionally, with many of us going back to settling with how our lives were during the previous year regardless of the effort we have put in to make any changes for the better. However, this doesn’t need to be the case.


If you own a website that has not been updated for a number of years – and we’ve all been in that situation – then now is the perfect time to give your site, and your company image, a makeover that will benefit you from not just a visual perspective but also an online marketing perspective.


Nowadays, websites do not need to cost the earth thanks to a wide range of DIY software solutions that are available. However, although these offer many businesses with a quick and low-cost website, they are packed full of unnecessary code that is a huge turn-off if you want your site to feature prominently on Google, especially for more competitive keyword searches. Of course, if all you want is a website that acts as a company reference – which is the case for most trades people, for example – then building your website through these free or low-cost solutions should be fine. However, if you want your website to perform effectively from a usability and performance perspective then building a bespoke website is the way forward.


So, if you have a website that would benefit from receiving a full new years makeover then speak to Jump 2 IT Media today, as having a website that looks great and performs equally as good is essential if you want to reach your target online audience as effectively as possible.


Some of the benefits of having a bespoke website include

  • Your website will be completely unique to you, whereas the pre-built theme may have been used hundreds or thousands of times, if not more, for other websites.
  • Faster performance on all devices, including desktop computers, mobile devices and tablets, when compared to using pre-built templates.
  • Fully responsive build, ensuring that your new website looks great and performs fantastically across all possible devices.
  • If the bespoke site is built correctly it will suffer far fewer on-going issues than pre-built templates/themes, especially when looking to integrate additional functionality to the site in the future.
  • Contains far less unnecessary, boggy code, which means that the site will load faster and more efficiently when compared to pre-built themes.
  • Greater functionality from an SEO point of view, allowing your digital marketing agency to do everything in their power to ensure that the site is found successfully on Google for key targeted searches that relate to your company/services/products.
  • A bespoke website provides you with a greater level of functionality from a future design perspective, which means that your designer will be able to integrate and/or add new features onto the site much more effectively than they would on a pre-built theme.


Now, that’s not to say that pre-built templates don’t have their advantages, as they do, including their low cost and enabling you to have a fully working site within a far shorter period of time. However, if you want your website to represent your company in the best possible light, isn’t it worth spending a bit more on it in order to give off the best image that you can?


So, whatever way you choose to go, whether it be with a bespoke website or pre-built website, here’s to a great new year and a very happy new website.


Speak to the Jump 2 IT Media team today to discover how we can help to your website to the next level from a design and online marketing perspective. Simply call us onĀ 01283 430 260 or 0845 582 3545 and let us know your requirements.


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