Google says it has Fixed De-indexing Issue

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Google says it has Fixed De-indexing Issue

Google says it has Fixed De-indexing IssueAfter a week of issues, Google has finally announced that is has fixed the de-indexing issues which affected a number of websites.


On April 4th, Google dropped a number of pages from its search index before announcing that it was due to an issue that since been addressed.


Following on from that, the search engine giant’s posted further posts throughout the week stating that they were still reprocessing pages but the issue would be fully addressed soon, before a final tweet was posted on April 11th to say that it had finally been resolved.


Why was this an issue? Well, your website would have likely suffered decreases in visits and sales/enquiries if negatively impact by the de-indexing issue, whilst your organic rankings could have completely disappeared for certain keyword searches too. Unfortunately, although Google have said they have resolved the issue, they haven’t actually said what caused it.


Let’s just hope it’s not something that happens again.





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