Google Penguin Recoveries Finally Rolling Out

Google Penguin Recovery

Google Penguin Recoveries Finally Rolling Out

It may be two years in the making but Google have said that they are now starting to roll out post-Penguin recoveries for domains that were hit by the search algorithm update in 2014.


Recently, Google’s Gary Illyes said that the search engine now devalues spam links, which many webmasters and SEO specialists took as meaning that Google no longer penalises domains for any low quality backlinks leading into them. However, he also said that the search engine recommended that webmasters still make use of Google’s disavow tool, “you can help us help you by using it.” Adding that “also, manual actions are still there, so if we see that someone is systematically trying to spam, the manual actions team might take a harsher action against the site.”


So, in summary, it appears that Google’s Penguin algorithm no longer penalises your site/webpages for any spammy links that leads into them, with the search engine now simply choosing to ignore/devalue them instead.


That’s certainly good news to our ears, and we’re sure it’s made all SEO specialists and webmasters happy all over the world.

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