‘Get a Quote’ Button Added to Google Business Listings

Google Speed Update

‘Get a Quote’ Button Added to Google Business Listings

Google Business Get a Quote Button

We should be able to see Google’s ‘Get a Quote’ button here soon….

It has been reported that Google has recently added a ‘Get a Quote’ button within it’s Business Listing results, which allows users to enquire directly through Google without the needs of them having to access your website.


This may result in you receiving more messages from searchers than before but, of course, your Business Listing is only likely to show when a search for your company name has been carried out – meaning that the user may have enquired via your site anyway – so whether the new ‘Get a Quote’ button will really impact enquiries that much remains to be seen.


From what we have seen though, the update may have only rolled out in the US so far, as our own Google Business Listing does not show the ‘Get a Quote’ button despite carrying out the following instructions, which are as follows:


  1. Open the Google My Business app on your mobile device
  2. Select the company or location you would like to manage, if you have multiple locations
  3. Tap Customers
  4. Tap Messages
  5. Tap Turn on


Of course, it could just be the the change is still in the process of being rolled-out, so we will keep you updated to if/when the ‘Get a Quote’ button is available in the UK.


Click here to learn more about messaging within Google’s My Business app.


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