Facebook to Remove “Grey Badge” From Business Pages


Facebook to Remove “Grey Badge” From Business Pages

Jump 2 IT MediaIf you have a Facebook business page you may have noticed a message informing you that, on October 30th,Facebook will be removing your “Grey Badge”.


Now, just what is my “Grey Badge” and what does this mean?


Let us explain…


The “Grey Badge” as Facebook has referred to it is the Grey Tick symbol that you will see at the end of your Facebook profile name. The badge was introduced in 2015 as a method to show that business pages were legitimate, similar to how celebrities or brands can use a blue badge to show their account is genuine. The grey badge, however, could simply be added to any business page with no real authentication process.


Facebook  have now come to the conclusion that most people don’t understand what this function means and really pay no heed as to if it is displayed or not, making it pretty useless.


The button will be removed from the platform on October 30th with no negative effects being suffered on your business page, so you can breathe easy and await to see how the social media giant plans to improve the “genuine” page issue going forward.

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