SEO Tip of the Week: Social Media Buttons

SEO Tip of the Week: Social Media Buttons


It has never been easier to incorporate social media share buttons onto your website, which allows visitors to share your content on their own personal social media accounts. This enables your pages, and website, to reach a heightened level of visibility and awareness, potentially helping to drive a greater number of visitors into it.


This is the main benefit but, in addition to this, increasing the number of shares that your pages receive will result in their authority levels growing. This can help to provide your organic rankings with a much needed boost, as web pages that are more authoritative tend to perform more successfully within Google’s organic rankings.


Social media share buttons can be added in numerous positions on your website, with the majority of websites now seeing them placed directly underneath page content or, more recently, on a fixed position on the right/left column of the page, as shown in the below example. This provides increased visibility, resulting in a greater number of users sharing the content on their social media accounts:


Social Media Share Buttons


Adding the social media share buttons onto your website is free, with a wide number of sites providing a range of designs for you use, including and


Jump 2 IT Media can add the social media share buttons onto your website as part of our website maintenance service. Please call us on 0845 582 3545 or email us at for further information regarding our range of online marketing and website services.



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