The Coronavirus Impact on Digital Marketing Agencies

The Coronavirus Impact on Digital Agencies

The Coronavirus Impact on Digital Agencies

Digital Marketing Home OfficeDespite the Coronavirus impact hitting businesses and individuals worldwide, many small digital marketing agencies expressed confidence in their ability to work remotely and provide the same level of first-class service to their clients.


According to a survey of more than 250 small digital agencies across Europe and North Amercia, 90% were working remotely during the Coronavirus outbreak. When asked how prepared they were to provide clients with the same level of service remotely, on a scale of 1-10, the average score was 8.5 with over 40% of all companies giving an answer of 10.


As you might expect, a number of digital marketing agencies (34%) stated that one of the biggest challenges facing them was the lack of face-to-face communication. This was down to the fact that face-to-face meetings often lead to more productive results, with the relationship between agencies and clients being strengthened when they had the chance to sit down together.


Another concern with many agencies was the levels of productivity when working from home, especially with many schools now being closed across the world.


Other shared concerns included:

  • Technical issues, such as network access
  • Maintaining team morale


When it came to external business impact, 30% of digital marketing agencies quizzed said that they expected major client changes would directly impact their business, with 45% stating that budget and project changes would negatively impact them. As a result, 14% expect client cancellations to be received, whilst 30% felt that new client enquiries would reduce over the coming months.


However, rather than dwell on possible negatives, it is worth mentioning that many SEO agencies and digital marketing experts full expect the market to come roaring back within a year, with many feeling that the Coronavirus impact provided them with a chance of positive transformation.


At Jump 2 IT Media, we are fully set up to work extremely efficiently from our home offices, ensuring that there is no disruption to any of the services that we provide. Although face-to-face meetings are no longer possible, we are able to conduct meetings via video and telephone conference calls.


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