Consumers Don’t Mind Ads on Mobile... If They Are Optimised Properly

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Consumers Don’t Mind Ads on Mobile… If They Are Optimised Properly

We all know how frustrating and annoying ads can be, especially when the user is not able to exit the ad immediately. However, according to research by IAB UK, the main source of annoyance for consumers is not actually the ads themselves, but the fact that the majority of them are not optimised for mobile devices, which is now the most common method used to access the internet.


In the research, 12,000 UK adults were asked a number of questions regarding mobile advertising and, surprisingly, 84% of them stated that they were happy for ads to appear within their favourite sites, as long as it ensured that the content was free to view.


The main issue that needs addressing though is the fact that many ads are not optimised effectively for mobile devices, with a high number  being clunky and not fit for purpose. As you would expect, this is far more likely to result in an unhappy website user rather than a conversion, therefore this is the main area that needs addressing going forward.


“When it comes to mobile, brands often use TV ads or desktop creative for a mobile environment and expect it to work. This is not the right approach and never will be,” said Ben Phillips, Global Head of Mobile, at MediaCom.


In total, 78% of those who took part in the survey, stated that ads not tailored for their device led them to becoming extremely annoyed, whilst 37% also blamed the website/platform, and 33% blamed for brand itself.


As a result of this, it is safe to assume that ads that are designed to perform effectively across mobile devices will, without a doubt, achieve a greater reaction with mobile users, therefore we expect to see many more mobile friendly ads appearing on your devices in the near future.




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