Google My Business Listings Set for Change

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My Business Listings Set for Change

Google is set to add short names and URLs to their My Business Listings feature, making it far easier for businesses to be able to link to their profile and, more importantly, more accessible to potential customers.


The feature, which has already begun rolling out, will allow businesses to create a short name and short URL. This is something that Facebook introduced on their own company listing pages a number of years ago to great effect, so it’s unsurprising to see Google making a similar change of their own.


How to receive a short name:

Sign into your Google My Business account via your desktop computer before selecting the property you want to create a short name for. You will then see a left hand menu where you should click on the “Info” tab and then “Add profile short name”. Here, you will be able to enter the short name of your choosing, with a minimum of 5 characters and a limit of 32 characters.


Once done, your new short name will appear as “pending” and, once approved by Google, the short name and URL will be visible when using your Google My Business Listings page.






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