Blogging For Your Business

blogging for your business

Blogging For Your Business

Businesses that regularly create unique and relevant blog posts for their company will see a positive impact on their search results, leads and sales. When done correctly, business blogging can be a great tool for both large and small businesses.


The key to creating a good business blog is quite simple. You need to provide people with interesting, engaging content, which keeps them coming back for more. This is often easier said than done, especially as writing is often not one of the key skills of your average would be business blogger.


One of the hardest problems that business bloggers face is deciding what to write about, which tends to feel like a challenge that gets harder with each passing week, especially as it’s easy to get stuck in a rut and start losing momentum; however it is important to remember that the only thing worse than not having a blog page is having a blog page that isn’t updated!


We’ve created a list of 10 topic areas which can be adopted by most businesses to help you provide some variety in your business blogging:


  • Share a great success story
  • Share and discuss recent industry trends
  • Go behind the scenes and share how your business works
  • Create a “How To” tutorial
  • Conduct a poll and offer consumer insight
  • Compare and contrast different products
  • Introduce the people that work for you
  • Do a weekly /monthly roundup of the latest news / products/trends
  • Share a local interest story – how you engage with your community or a local charity
  • Challenge a popular industry myth or misconception


Although challenging at first, blogging for your business is a venture worth undertaking. Stick with it, hone your craft and you will start to receive tangible results.


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