When you first start thinking about creating your new website one of the first and most important decisions you will need to make is which platform is best to use. At Jump 2 IT Media we choose to create the majority of our bespoke websites in WordPress, and we’re not the only ones. Disney, PlayStation, SONY and Microsoft have all used WordPress websites. In fact, it is estimated that WordPress powers 27% of all of the world’s websites!

Here’s the main benefits of WordPress websites and why it is our website platform of choice when it comes to both design and digital marketing benefits:

  • WordPress in SEO friendly:

As a company that specialises in SEO, we know how important it is to the overall success of a website. This is why we will only ever create websites that fully optimised from the very beginning.  WordPress is a highly user-friendly platform which makes implementing the best practice SEO principles far easier than the vast majority of other available platforms.

  • WordPress has a great range of Plugins:

A plugin is essentially an app for your website which provides some form of added functionality. From adding social media feeds, gaining insightful analytical data, providing live chats or adding extra security to your site, there are literally thousands of WordPress plugins available which is another valuable string to the WordPress bow.

  • WordPress is incredibly user-friendly:

The more user-friendly a website is, the easier it is for everyone concerned. No one wants to spend hours or, even worse, having to pay an ‘Expert’ to make simple changes to their website. Life is easier, quicker and more economical if end users are able to understand and use their websites platform to some degree themselves. As well as being highly user-friendly, WordPress is also predominantly easy to navigate allowing users to manage their website, add pages and edit or add content with relative ease.

  • WordPress is compatible with a range of media types

WordPress’s versatility and acceptance of a wide range of media help make it a fantastic tool for everyone. The chances are whatever type of media or file type you have it will be supported by WordPress. Be it Text, Video, Audio or Social media streams WordPress has got it covered.

So, there you are, our benefits of WordPress websites. Do you agree with us? If you do, or even if not, feel free to let us know via our social media pages!

At Jump 2 IT Media we provide a range of website based services including the creation of bespoke, responsive and SEO friendly WordPress websites, as well as offering a maintenance and improvement service to pre-existing websites.

If you would like to find out more just give our friendly team a call or contact us today with your requirements!

Benefits of WordPress

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