The Benefits of Using Facebook Ads

The Benefits of Using Facebook Ads

In March 2016 it was reported that Facebook had 1.65 billion monthly active users, which is more than 5 times the number of active users on Twitter. Despite this, many businesses fail to take advantage of this huge audience, with some even refusing to accept that their company should even bother about promoting themselves via social media at all.


The evidence though is clear. We’re in 2016 and the vast majority of internet users have a presence on some form of social media, with Facebook being the most popular, so failing to promote your business through these avenues is, quite simply, one of the biggest marketing mistakes that you could be making.


Not only is it free to create a business page on Facebook but it can cost as little as £1.00 to run a short-term ad campaign, which would enable one of your posts to reach a far wider audience than you could imagine. So, it’s time to stop running adverts in magazines, newspapers and on the radio, and start thinking about the future.


Facebook AdsHere’s our top 5 reasons why you should be promoting yourself more forcefully via Facebook’s paid ad campaigns:


Targeted Audience: Your ads can be tailored around your specific target audience. If the majority of your customers are men over the age of 40 then you can easily ensure that your ads will only appear in the news feed of these specific users. The same applies to location, interests and more. In short, you can reach your desired audience even more effectively than you can via Google Adwords and other online marketing methods.


Flexibility: If you weren’t happy with the performance of your last Facebook ad then there’s no need to worry. You have the ability to creative an entirely new ad as frequently as you want, with different images and sales message. Further to that, you can also target an entirely different audience if you want to. If your last ad focused on women over the age of 30, why not create a new ad targeting men over the same age and see how they compare?


Insights: Facebook’s analysis tool, Insights, enables you to gauge how many users are engaging with your page, your ads and your posts in general. Think Google Analytics on a smaller scale and you’ll understand what data Insights will provide you with, allowing you to determine how effectively, or not, your latest ad campaign proved to be.


Choice: Facebook’s Ads allow you to promote your website, your company’s page, or a specific post that you have placed on your Facebook page. This means that your ad could be focused around gaining additional visitors into your website, so referral visits are key in this situation. However, you could also try to gain additional ‘likes’ for your company’s Facebook page, thus increasing its popularity levels. This is important to help your posts gain greater reach and, potentially, increased levels of engagements. Finally, you can choose to promote an individual post that you have recently added to your Facebook page. This is ideal if you are running a special offer, a new service, or offering a new product, as you’ll be able to ensure that it receives instant visibility to your chosen audience.


Reach: In Europe, over 307 million people are on Facebook, with over 30 million users living in the UK. If that’s not enough reason to advertise via Facebook’s paid ads then I’m not sure what ever would be.



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