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Coronavirus; A Time to Stick Together

A Time to Stick Together

We have spoken with many business owners during the coronavirus outbreak, with many saying that they feel guilty for continuing to charge clients for the services that they provide them with. Whilst this is a natural reaction, especially with the uncertainty surrounding many businesses worldwide, it is important to remember that providing a quality service to clients is essential at this time and can actually help them in both the short and long term.


Instead of feeling guilty or embarrassed about continuing to charge for your services – after all, you still need to make a living yourself – this is a perfect time to show your clients how much you appreciate them, so why not provide them with extra time and services for free instead of charging them for every minor job you complete?


Recently, Jump 2 IT Media have been carrying out a number of coronavirus updates for clients at a reduced charge, whilst other jobs that take us 15 minutes or less have been completed without charge, as a way to thank them for continuing to support us at this difficult period.


This is a time for all of us to stick together and continue to support each other. If we do this, we will come out on the other side stronger than we ever were before.


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