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We look back at the disaster that was 2020

A Look Back at 2020

2020; you did not live up to our expectations!


2020 BlogI think it’s safe to say that 2020 was a let down on so many different levels, with both our personal lives and working lives taking a battering. Despite this though, there were a number of positives that we managed to take from what was a hugely difficult year.


Firstly, many of us realised that we could work productively and effectively from home, which will, undoubtedly, result in more people working from home offices than ever before. This will help to save businesses a huge amount of money in office rental costs, whilst the environment will also benefit from a reduced volume of traffic on our roads.




Secondly, I think it’s clear that, if nothing else, 2020 proved that we are all mentally tougher than we ever realised, meaning that we should be confident in taking on any challenges in the future because, if we can get through a year like 2020, we can get through pretty much anything!


From a purely Jump 2 IT Media point of view, we saw our own plans change frequently throughout the year. We had hoped to design and launch our brand new website but, as a result of the hit that businesses were taking as a result of Coronavirus, we decided to launch this in early 2021 instead – so keep your eyes peeled for the brand new J2IT site in the near future!


We also saw work on a number of new client websites being delayed, as their own staff members were furloughed and unable to provide us with the content that they had hoped to include on their new sites. This means that we have got a number of sites set to launch in the very near future for Green Water Services and DearAlbert, whilst other web designs for other clients are in the pipeline for the coming months, too.


From a performance perspective, we saw a huge difference between ecommerce clients and business-to-business clients, as the vast majority of our ecommerce customers achieved their best ever year in regards to sales, revenue, and organic traffic. By contrast, B2B clients found things far tougher, as has been widely reported with various industries, including hospitality, which has meant us working harder than ever before to ensure that these clients are able to continue their online success going forward.


Positively though, the pandemic did not impact the Jump 2 IT Media team from a working perspective, and we remain as determined than ever before to deliver the best possible results for all our clients throughout 2021 and beyond.


Whatever happens this year, we know that we can overcome any difficulties that come our way.


We’ve got this!


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