13 Years on and Facebook Still Leads the Way


13 Years on and Facebook Still Leads the Way

It may surprise some of you but, according to research, it’s not just teenagers that are glued to their mobile devices, as 50% of the UK adult population are ‘addicted’ to their phones and tablets.


Social media applications, such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter are a few of the main reasons behind this, with many users finding it impossible to live without these apps which have now become part of our daily lives.


In fact research has shown that 63% of Facebook’s 1.5 billion active users log into the site on a daily basis, with over half of these accessing the site as frequently as eight times during this twenty-four hour period. Further to this, Facebook actually owns the top three most used social networking apps worldwide:


  1. Facebook
  2. Whatsapp
  3. Facebook Messenger


So, what is the reason for Facebook’s vast success and overall superiority? Simple. Facebook are constantly evolving, which ensures that constantly meets the needs of its users, whether it adding the recent trending topics (as per Twitter), allowing users to post live videos, or providing a highly targeted advertising system which allows businesses to increase their visibility to a more focused audience.


Facebook Users


It’s the latter where Jump 2 IT Media specialise, as our social media management team runs highly successful and cost-effective campaigns that boost the visibility of your business and services to your target audience. More importantly, our aim is to ensure that users engage with your posts, as a healthy engagement rate is far more beneficial, and provides a greater insight into the success of your business, than just a high number of fans/likes.


In terms of overall engagement, we have found that this can vary depending on the social media network that your using and the industry that your business relates to. For example, posts on Facebook tend to perform highly effectively for online retailers, especially if they make use of the paid promotions, whereas networks such as LinkedIn produce more successful results for companies that work in business-to-business industries.


In short though, having a strong presence across all of the social media networks can play a pivotal role when it comes to achieving online success, so we’d recommend that you don’t focus all of your attention on Facebook, for example. Achieving a high authority and visibility across the major social media networks will improve your overall online authority level which, potentially, will help to boost your organic performance on Google, so gaining a good engagement rate on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and so on, is certainly worth the time and effort.


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