SEO Case Study | Mabey Bridge

Mabey Bridge Case Study

Jump 2 IT Media have been improving the online presence of the Mabey Bridge website since 2012.

Mabey BridgeThe Challenge:


We were approached by Mabey Bridge’s chief marketing executive at the time, Jane Campion, to help develop the online visibility of their website; The company felt that their main online competitors were failing to take advantage of the benefits of SEO, therefore Jane decided to be proactive and strike first in the hope that it would ensure that Mabey Bridge became the online leader for modular bridging related search terms.


Initially, the aim was to improve their organic visibility within the UK search engines, however, this quickly developed into the company wanting to achieve first page rankings on Google within multiple worldwide locations, including France, Spain, Portugal, Brazil and Australia.


The Solution:


As always, our first act was to put together a comprehensive report based on the Mabey Bridge website. This enabled us to determine the areas of the site that required immediate optimisation, whilst our keyword analysis provided us with the best keyword terms to target through the SEO campaign.


The report highlighted a large number of areas that required immediate attention, which were quickly addressed by our SEO team, and within the space of just three months the Mabey Bridge website increased its organic ranking on Google UK for 18 different industry-relevant search terms, including ‘Bridge Construction‘, ‘Modular Bridging’, ‘Bridge Installation’ and ‘Military Bridges’.



Within two years, the site had increased its yearly visitor figures by 54%, with the site now reaching 88,154 visits through organic search, referrals and direct methods, whilst organic traffic had soared by 149%. This resulted in a greatly improved number of enquiries being received through the website, whilst conversion rates also received significant improvement.


Since then our SEO campaign has gone from strength to strength, resulting in Jump 2 IT Media building five new websites for Mabey Bridge, as well as managing their social media accounts for them, which has led to the company now receiving a far greater online presence through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn than ever before, with vastly improved engagement rates, followers and profile views.


Recently the Mabey Bridge website has since been overhauled, resulting in the bridge division of the company joining forces with Mabey Group and Mabey Hire to form Our great relationship with Mabey, thanks to our organic and social media achievements has ensured that Jump 2 IT Media are still the chosen SEO agency for the company, so we are excited about working with Mabey for many more years to come.


TwitterTwitter profile views up by 93%


linkedinLinkedIn engagement rate up 378%

Roshni Patel – Digital Marketing Executive – Mabey Bridge


“Our online presence is vital to our UK and international expansion, so we needed a partner that could deliver on website development and crucial SEO, as well as advising on the best ways to maximise online marketing potential.


“We have been highly impressed by the work of Jump 2 IT Media. They have been the perfect media partner, supporting our new branding and adding value to our online activity. Our website now ranks on page one for targeted keywords and the ranking continues to improve on search engines across the globe. ”

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