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Suffered an Organic Decrease? Our Checklist Might Help You Understand Why

Most webmasters have suffered a dip in their website’s organic rankings from time to time, especially when Google have recently released a search algorithm update. This can cause instant panic but, thanks to this article, you might be able to diagnose the issues, helping you to address the situation quickly and with minimal fuss.  …

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How to Use Hashtags Correctly

How to Use Hashtags

Many of us use Twitter to help increase our social media awareness levels, but are we actually achieving this goal? This article delves into the benefits of hashtags, and if we’re actually using them correctly.   We see many tweets go by that have received no engagements, despite the fact that they might be providing links…

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SEO Tip of the Week: Gain Links into Sub-Level Pages

Everybody in the SEO world knows that gaining links into your website plays a crucial role in determining where it ranks within Google’s organic positions. We also know that it is far more beneficial to gain industry-relevant, quality links into your site, too. However, some clients – and certain SEO companies – sometimes forget that…

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The Benefits of Using Facebook Ads

In March 2016 it was reported that Facebook had 1.65 billion monthly active users, which is more than 5 times the number of active users on Twitter. Despite this, many businesses fail to take advantage of this huge audience, with some even refusing to accept that their company should even bother about promoting themselves via social…

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SEO Tip of the Week: 301 Redirects

301 Redirects

These days everybody has an opinion on SEO, and it doesn’t seem to matter whether you run an SEO agency, work as a website developer or own the local butchers, everyone thinks that they’re opinion on search engine optimisation is the right one.   So, we don’t want to get into any debates. The EU…

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The Ever Changing Face of Google Adwords

Launched in 2000, Google Adwords has evolved greatly during the past sixteen years as the search giant has developed new ways to generate increased levels of usage. This is something that you would expect, especially as Adwords brings in such a vast amount of revenue into the Google – in 2015 it is reported that Ad…

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Why are Twitter & Facebook Focusing on Live Events?

Live Streaming

In January 2015 Twitter acquired Periscope, a live-streaming app created by Kayvon Beykpour and Joe Bernstein, before it had even launched publicly. Since then, Twitter has been keen to evolve it’s live streaming app, with the social media giant recently acquiring the rights to stream ten NFL games and adding a live video search feature to…

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Group Your Sites Together on Google’s Search Console

google search console

Google have announced that webmasters are now able to group together multiple properties within Google’s Search Console, enabling you receive aggregate data within the Analytics report.   Historically, it’s always been possible to view Search Analytics data, such as clicks and impressions, via Google’s Search Console – formerly known as Webmaster Tools – on a…

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3 Tips For Effective Link Building

3 Tips for Effective Link Building

The art of effective link building has long been the topic of discussion between many webmasters and SEO specialists over the years, with many debating over what strategies produce the greatest organic impact.     So, let us clear something up for you. Link building is not a dark art, nor do you require Harry…

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5 Ways to Improve Your SEO Performance

5 ways to improve your SEO performance

It’s safe to say that every single individual, or company, that owns a website would like to see it ranking more effectively on Google for their key search terms. Of course, it’s never that simple but, here at Jump 2 IT Media, we thought you might like to learn 5 ways to improve your SEO…

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